Papermaking is an activity that has been a major player of human civilization since 2000 years ago, and it is only 200 years that paper is made by machines. However, even in its most advanced processes, machine-made papers do not reach the quality and features of some hand-made papers. One important factor is that hand-made paper pulp is made in a mechanical rather than chemical process, which makes the fibers of these papers much longer, and gives them unique qualities.

Handmade paper, that has gained much interest in recent years, has became an effective tool for pointing out some contemporary needs and concerns. Today, handmade paper has been very much considered for artistic purposes, sustainable production, local economy as well as art therapy, and it is still discovering and introducing new uses and roles for itself. Kaghazgari (Tehran Papermaking Studio) is proud to be a member of this global movement today.

Kaghazgar, founded in 2011, is the first handmade paper studio in Iran, which has gained knowledge of making a wide range of hand-made paper using local resources such as rice straw, wheat straw, cotton, mulberry inner barks and cloth rags in its first years of work and research.

In addition, we started to make seed paper in Kaghazgari since 2015 as a green and innovative alternative to many promotions and gifts.
This memorable, influential and eco-friendly product can be used as business card, brochure, promotions, paper items used in events and campaigns, paper items used in hotels, spas and clubs , invitation cards, product tags and packaging.

We are also interested in history of papermaking and its techniques in Iran and Islamic lands, social activities based on papermaking, and supplying of tools and materials needed for papermaking.